Product care

To ensure your ARC Lighting product performs at its best; you will need to give it some attention and care. Please take note of the following care instructions and the materials that are relevant to your product. Please note our Care Instructions recommendations in this document are intended as a guide only, and ARC Lighting does not assume responsibility or liability as results may vary.


The best way to keep aluminium looking good is to regularly clean off the build-up of dust. When cleaning aluminium you should always treat it with the utmost of care as aluminium is very fragile. Recommendations from mildest to harshest: wide the surface with plain water, mild soap or detergent, wax-based polish and wipe dry afterwards.


This material could chip if dropped or knocked and anything sharp can scratch it. Avoid the use of chemicals such as solvents, detergents or ammonia as they damage or mark the surface. Wipe the surface with lukewarm water and wipe dry afterwards.